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“Our team consists of real people who can relate to our clients and how overwhelming it can be when your home is undone. Where do you start?”

Genie Helping Hand Services was founded in January 2019. Our values come in the form of family, knowledge, and loyalty. We take care of your family with our expertise and our promise to be respectful of your time and your possessions.

Our team consists of people who can relate to our clients and how overwhelming it can be when the house is undone; where do you start? Dishes? Laundry? First, let’s go grocery shopping… Just call Genie Helping Hand Services! Our members are experienced and trained using efficient cleaning techniques that are applied within our company procedures.

Not only do we care about our clients, we care about our planet. Our cleaning products are power action yet safe to use around any family member and are also safe for the drain. Our garbage bags are biodegradable, and we do not use paper towels when cleaning for our clients.

Our team is focused on what you and your family need the most. At the grocery store, we are shopping for our own family when we think of yours. We handpick the best products available in-store, in the store of your preference and we follow your requests when shopping for you.

Genie Helping Hand Services understands that our fur babies matter to our clients. To us, they are your family too and our members don’t treat them any differently. We will feed them when you can’t, exercise them, and most importantly, love them when you are away.

There’s only one more question to be answered: When should we get started!

Gina - Founder

I have always had a heart for helping others. From the moment I obtained my license & freedom, I was always using it to help others. Running errands for my family, giving people rides, I always found myself taking on extra responsibilities for the people I cared about. After becoming a mother and realizing there isn’t much out there focused on helping busy families, I decided to create a service that allows people to get the help they need to keep up with what this crazy life throws at us. It has been an incredible journey!

Concierge Services Edmonton
Concierge Services Edmonton

Chrystal - A Helping Hand

Hospitality is my calling! I have always had a knack for cleaning & helping others. I have devoted over 10 years in the industry of helping families. Being a mother of a school-aged child and an infant, I know how important but struggling it can be keeping on top of household cleaning and shopping lists. Working as a helping hand for Genie Helping Hand Services enables my passion to help families & individuals where it matters most!