About Genie Helping Hand Services

Edmonton House and Office Cleaners

Residential, Commercial Cleaning, and Concierge Services 

Genie Helping Hand Services was founded within Edmonton in January 2019. Our values come in the form of family, knowledge, and loyalty. We take care of your family with our expertise and our promise to be respectful of your time and your possessions.

Our mission is to give you your free time back. What better way to do that than by getting all your chores done in just a couple hours, while you're busy doing other tasks that require your attention. We get it Edmonton, life is busy! Let's take some of that away


Our team consists of people who can relate to our clients and how overwhelming it can be when the house is undone; where do you start? Together we have developed a process and routine that is efficient and effective. We are the heart of the business and together we are growing a remarkable service that can benefit every lifestyle. 

Every crew member has provided a criminal background check upon being hired. Each employee is properly orientated and trained on the procedures and standards developed by Genie Helping Hand Services. We also believe our employees are what make our company what it is and dedicate a promise to provide our employees with clients who value their time as much as we do. We envision Genie Helping Hand Services as a pretty awesome company to work for and an exceptional cleaning service to hire!

Gina - Founder

For the last 4 years I have been growing this business. I started with a hand me down vacuum, a bucket and some cleaning product. All together I had $300 to spend on starting my business. Slowly I saved, invested and developed a reputation that helped me grow this business to the point I could hire someone to help me. 4 Years later my business employees 2 other individuals, all of which have played a part in where we are today. I am so happy to help our clients, many of which rely on us to be a huge factor in living comfortably. I dedicate my heart and soul to Genie Helping Hand Services and our clients feel that when they walk into a freshly clean, put together home. 

Chrystal - Cleaning Supervisor

I know what it takes to balance a home. A full time income, full time parenting, that doesn't include the additional hours spent cleaning and maintaining the home. As a mother of 2 children, say no more, I understand your frustrations! I have spent over 10 years in cleaning & hospitality, I have developed experience and personal connection skills that I use everyday to not only clean your home, but to really understand what our clients need to feel less stress from household tasks. Not to mention, I absolutely LOVE your furbabies!!!!